Will My Medicare Cover Knee Braces?

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis might be required to wear knee braces. Osteoarthritis results due to wear & tear within your knee joints, according to experts. Using a knee brace, you are able to shift the weight away from the most sensitive part of your knee. Knee braces allow you to walk a significant distance with ease. Some folks wear these braces only during an exercise or a walk while others like to wear them through the most part of their day. Using knee braces, you can even postpone a knee replacement procedure.

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Are knee braces covered under Medicare?

Part B Medicare can cover knee braces as long as they’re medically essential as it comes in the durable medical equipment’s list. Before they’re covered under your Medicare plan, knee braces need to be first be considered as medically essential & ordered by your doctor.

When it comes to cost sharing, Part B Medicare covers 80& of the total costs while you’re supposed to pay the remaining 20 percent costs (Medicare Supplement Plans can help you cover the remaining costs if you have one). In the absence of any coverage, you might have to pay over $1500 to have one custom-made for you.


What kind of knee brace will be covered?

In order to be eligible for a Medicare, your chosen knee brace must be:

rigid/semi-rigid which can support an impaired or weak body organ or must be able to limit the motion in the part of your body. Knee braces are available both online as well as offline in various designs. They’re typically created plastic or metal so as to offer support. Besides, the foam or rubber inside it helps for positioning and padding. The primary aim of this device is to eliminate the pressure from the part which is most damaged in the joint area. This helps the patient get relief from the pain.

Your physician might refer you to a prosthetist, a health expert who constructs & fits knee braces along with other kinds of braces that help people minimize musculoskeletal issues. You can purchase a ready-made knee brace which fits or get one custom made as per your requirements.