Medicare Supplement Plans, how to be eligible after divorce

Most people Part A eligible enjoy Medicare plans of coverage that is premium-free based on their record of work or their spouse work history. Generally, it is eligible for Premium free coverage if one of the couples in the house, husband or wife has paid for 10 years minimum the Medicare taxes. The other way that is also taken as coverage for premium- free Part A is with 40 quarters payment. In case you are divorced, you can get the Medicare supplement plans based on the situation of your ex-spouse and of course your situation right now will be considered.

Medicare after divorce

One must know the eligibility way of availing Medicare supplement plans even after filing or getting a divorce on the basis of ex-spouse employment record.  As mentioned in the Social Security Administration, you should qualify few conditions to be regarded as eligible:

  • You must be unmarried even now
  • You must be 62 years
  • Your marriage must have seen together 10 years and more
  • Permitted to benefits of disability or benefits of social security retirement.

The benefit of receiving depends on the work that is really lesser than its benefit received and this depends on your ex-spouse work. Once these conditions are right, you are qualified for Part A and B coverage that is premium-free. If, your ex-spouse or you do not qualify the Medicare supplement plans requirement, you may purchase Part A by paying the essential premium.

Remember, in case you do not get Medicare enrolled on becoming eligible, you must beat Part A higher premium for some time and this may be applicable with Part B as well. Individuals eligible for Parts A and B in the Original Medicare may get enrolled in prescription drug Part D Medicare coverage or with Medicare Advantage that refers to Part C, until active in this plan.

Medicare Supplement plans are issued by private insurance companies. However, as per the they provide same coverage as its Traditional Medicare, except for the hospice care that is covered under Part A even now.  Conversely, Medicare Advantage plan gives extra benefits and many Medicare plans have the inclusion of Part D as the coverage for prescription drugs for vision and dental care as a routine.